News 06.02.2014

Seeking Part Time / Freelance Junior Design Apprentice Person

Hey there! If you’re here, you probably saw my post in the Denver Egotist.

Thanks for coming. Also, thank you for ignoring how badly my website is in need of an update. I swear, it’s because I’m staying really busy.

Which is why you’re here. As I mentioned in the Egotist post, I’d love to get you going on a few projects on the freelance / part time tip, and take it from there. If it’s a good fit, we’ll see where it goes, I’d love to find ongoing help, and I’d love to help you grown in your career as a designer.

My ideal amigo / amiga must be resourceful, like my main man MacGyver.

I’ll assume you’re an amazing designer, with an eye for detail, a pension for color, an affinity for type—all of those designerly cliches.

Tell me what you’re passionate about beyond design—what makes you different? Can you illustrate? Are you a gifted creative writer? Do you dig digital? Have you messed around with CSS3? Have you ever had a sales job? Are you stoked about photography? Video editing? Standup comedy? You tell me!

If you’d like to apply:

Email a blurb or two with your resume or a link to your LinkeIn profile, maybe a few pieces of work: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Going the extra fist: MacGyver



Michael S. Mioduski is the founder of GhostRanch Communications, a presentation design studio.