News 05.30.2016

Look Ma, I’m a Presentation Designer! Introducing GhostRanch.


I’m very pleased to introduce GhostRanch Communications, a brand new presentation design studio, currently based out of Denver, Colorado, with help from around the world!

There were many reasons for us to dive “all in” on presentations. I’ll be detailing many of these reasons on the GhostRanch blog. But if I can boil it down to just one thing, it’s that I firmly believe that presentations are still one of the greatest storytelling mediums around; yet, the bar is very, very, very low. We’ve come to expect very little from one another when it comes to a PowerPoint’s substance and design. My mission is to change that. We’re raising the bar, making slides sexy again. Helping our clients truly make great impressions and stand far apart from their competition with the most polished presentations on the planet.

So… who’s with me? If you’d like to follow along, like us on Facebook, hit me up with your thoughts and ideas. We’re in for an exciting ride.


Michael S. Mioduski is the founder of GhostRanch Communications, a presentation design studio.