News 07.01.2015

Celebrating 3 Years of Independence

Three years ago (today), I started working for myself. Full-time.

No more steady paychecks. No more health benefits. No paid vacation. No project managers telling me what to work on, or when to get it done. No account managers showing off the work, absorbing the feedback, talking dollars and cents. No creative directors pushing my work. No art directors, no copywriters. No human resources, no president, no CEO, just me. Me, in a fitting room, trying on a crap ton of hats.

I’ve burnt the 2am oil once or twice during these past three years, but, weirdly, it’s never felt like work. It’s been hard. But not, like, work hard. Just rewarding, and fun.

Thank you to all of my clients who’ve kept me too busy to write my “announcing Mioduski Design” post. Three years later, here it is.

Give it up for independence!

Happy July 1st,



Michael S. Mioduski is the founder of GhostRanch Communications, a presentation design studio.